The plot is simple. We fill 16 numbered brief cases with money ranging from 1 cent to $600 in cash.

The contestant picks a case, then slowly eliminates others hoping to not eliminate the high dollar cases along the way.

The Banker calls in and offers to buy out the contestant. The contestant has to decide if they want to push their luck or if they want to keep going and see if they can BEAT THE BANKER.

If they choose correctly, or bow out at the right time, they’ll go home with a pocket full of someone elses cash!

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"The show (Beat the Banker) was an absolute hit! As always, Gus and his partner did a terrific job with the event and the crowd. We have had the pleasure of having Gus as our entertainer for three years and look forward to having him at a fourth."
Lisa McGregorRepublic Paperboard
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